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Jul 6, 2011 1:00pm EDT
india. now the top court is ordering a curator to protect and preserve the underground treasure controversy. >> reporter: this is in southern india. it's a hindu temple that many extraordinarily popular. one local lawyer worried about the security. he filed a claim and they brought in a new security team. made a sweep, and what did they find? they find six vaults that have not been opened since the 16th century. when they opened up those vaults, what does it looks like? it has bags of diamond. 18-foot gold necklace. 42 pieces of precious gems and statues of gods and goddesses. those gods and goddesses were encrusted in diamond. so far five of the sick vaults have been opened up. the early estimate saying this thing could be anywhere from $22 billion to $220 billion. some of those people there believe that all that should go to the government. they should take that money and help the people who are poor in india. others say do not give it to the government. we should make that a museum. and apparently the indian supreme court decided that's exactly what they should do with it. so
FOX News
Jul 21, 2011 10:00am PDT
. this happened in india. the big cat lunging at locals and fort officials as they tried to drag him into a wildlife sanctuary. >> reporter: this is an adult male leopard. what happened is apparently these leopards have been known to stray into these villages looking for food. this leopard -- some of these pictures are kinds of graphic. this leopard was staring down the villagers for a short time. they were trying to herd this thing back into the wildlife sanctuary and the leopard attacked. the leopard lept at the villagers over the wall. they were using stones and knives and batons to beat back the cat. but the leopard just kept strike. 11 different villagers were clawed. finally someone -- you can hear the shots, someone shot the leopard with a tranquilizer gun. the cat died shortly thereafter from the knife wounds. look -- that's's amazing. you can see the cat, the left hand paw, there is blood right there. this man was mauled very badly. again the adult leopard that died. they are protected in india. this one clearly was life-threatening. amazing pictures out of bengal trying to
FOX News
Jul 18, 2011 10:00am PDT
. ensure! nutrition in charge! alisyn: a young boy swept away by raging floodwaters in central india. check this out. apparently the 4-year-old was tbhaight river with his uncle when flash floodwaters suddenly rushed in. now we are show you the entire dramatic rescue which starts with two men just inches away from reaching the boy. watch this. oh, my goodness. the boy lost consciousness during the ordeal but we are getting reports is in stable condition at a local hospital. the annual marine corps ball starting to look like a list of hollywood a-listers. now a third marine is setting his sights on another celebrity whom he calls the all around perfect woman. trace gallagher is live in los angeles with more. tell us about this perfect woman. >> this might be a red carpet events. the marine corps ball. the actresses this marine wants to invite probably will be a lot more fun. the marine is ray lewis. here he is run, getting in -- getting in shape. he then switches, gets into proper attire, then you know what he does? he asks this actress to go to the ball with him. listen. >> i would like to
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 10:00am PDT
with the -- with our suppliers in india, and so there was no such retrieval. >> have you been in contact with andy coulson during the sheraton case? >> i think andy was -- andy coulson was in downing street during the sheraton case so i would have had. >> did you have direct contact a? email, letter -- >> i would have had contact. >> email? just a conversation? >> it was mainly to do with work, and by email or by telephone. >> just of couple of final questions. why were you paying andy coulson's legal fees and glen mulcaire's legal fees during the sheraton case? >> as i understand it i know james murdoch could address this. when andy coulson left the "news of the world" he had an agreement that all matters relating to this. his legal fees, were paid. and i think the same for clive good man. on glen mulcaire his legal fees would be paid when he was a codefendant in the civil cases. >> are you aware of any payment to police officers. >> no. >> okay. >> i have questions about the milly do yo dowler. "news of the world" during milly dowler ab suction and murder. i have specific questions i'd like to a
FOX News
Jul 13, 2011 1:00pm EDT
will not be wasteing your time this summer. >> this is a big story out of mumbai, india, the death toll has risen to 21 in a string of explosions that rocked this country's financial capitol, the blast occurred in the middle of a busy evening rush hour, it was coordinated by terrorists, the explosion went off at a busy jewelry market, a business district and crowded residential neighborhood, mumbai, of course, the site of the 2008 attack where a team of gunmen went on a 60 hour rampage across the city as we all remember too well. we're going to get developments on that and who may be taking responsibility for the latest attacks in mumbai. >> and there are also new concerns to tell you about over airport security here in the united states. a brand new congressional investigation has found some 25,000 breaches at american airlines since november of 2001, a figure that breaks down to about seven breaches of security per day, and that is despite the billions that we have poured in to step up our security in our airports and you got to ask yourselves what's og on there. doug mckelway has that story from was
FOX News
Jul 11, 2011 1:00pm EDT
in space? >> martha, thanks for having me. i think people need to look at china, india and others as countries that have a plan. we had a plan, we now don't have a plan. but they have a plan, they are serious about moving forward. they see the advantages of having a manned space program. martha: and how well do you think they'll be able to carry out the goals that they set for themselves in terms of reaching the moon by 2020, is that a reasonable goal as far as we know in terms of their program? >> well from what we know, and again a lot of their program is very secretive, so we don't have tremendous insight into all the details of their program. just look at their progress in the last five or ten years. they don't have to do everything we did in mercury, gemini and apollo to get to the moon. all they have to do is one of each of those types of missions to prove that they've read all the textbooks and developed the technologies and they can move forward. they can move forward very, very rapidly. they are already ready to launch a module to have a small space station in orbit in th
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)